All the classes in one place

We have all of the classes to choose from. Council run classes? Check. Franchise classes? Check. Summer camps? Check. Tiny little local clubs that your cousin’s friend used to take her kids to years ago? Check!

You don’t have to scour the local paper, inspect every noticeboard or eavesdrop on conversations. We’ll make sure all of the classes are there for you and you can put your energy into choosing the perfect match for your kids.

We’re working at the speed of an escaping toddler

We’re working at the speed of an escaping toddler to get every class in the country signed up but if you know about a class that we don’t have, we would love you to tell us about it. We’ll get on to it immediately. Don’t believe us? Test us out! Find the tiniest, most obscure class in your area and we will not rest until it is in there with all the others. Promise.

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One form Fits all

No matter how much you love your kids, it is hard to find pleasure in writing their name and details down three hundred times a year. Worry no more! We’ve got it covered. Once you’ve added the details of each child we save them and you never need to fill them in again. Ever.

At last! Book online

You can do just about everything online now. If you wanted to book a luxury spa day in Paris then dine in the perfect rustic restaurant before retiring to a charming little boutique hotel for the night you could book it all right now, exactly where you are. It would only take 5 minutes. Even on your phone!

Trying to book your daughter's dance class is a different story however. Long queues at a little table. Paying by cheque (who even has a chequebook anymore!). Pen running out midway through filling in the form... does this sound familiar? We thought so. Fortunately Class4Kids has the quickest, friendliest most stylish booking process this side of Paris. Choose your dates, pick a child, book the class, get an email confirmation, even a text if you like, and you’re all done. At last! Online booking for kids classes.

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Why is the car park empty?

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when it is obvious that you are the only person to show up for the class.

When it’s already too late you start to think back to last week and something about a change of nights... Remembering every detail for every class on top of the other million things that you have on your mind is impossible. When you sign up and book classes on Class4Kids each child gets their own personal schedule, a nice simple list that tells you where they should be and when they should be there.

You can see a full weekly schedule for the whole family

We’ve added a little extra magic for those with the headache of different kids going to different classes in different places at different times. You can see a full weekly schedule for the whole family . All the kids, all the classes, all the times.

No more wasted journeys

The class can’t even change times at the last minute without automatically letting you know with a text or email. It’s so good you might as well be psychic.

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Be the First to know

Don’t worry if the tennis coach has unexpectedly qualified for Wimbledon or the venue is knee-deep in flood water, you’ll know all about it straight away. Emails and text messages are available to all clubs who use the Class4Kids booking service, so when something unexpected comes up, you’ll be the first to know.

Something old? Something new?

Like cooking the same meals every week (even though you promise you won’t!) it is easy to get into the habit of taking the kids to the same classes. They quite like them, they’re already signed up and you know where to park!

The good news is that finding and trying new classes just got a lot easier. Class4Kids has new classes added every day, you can even search on just the new ones if you like.

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Before you know it the kids will be fluent in Russian and making you lovely new curtains

Run! It's a Lion!!

If you try this line on your kids and they smile and hide then their imagination is in great shape! If they cry and cling to your leg then maybe you should think about some drama classes?

It’s hard to know which classes are right for our kids because they all have different natural talents. Need better balance? Try Judo. Loads of energy to burn off? Hockey will test even the most active kids.

Which classes to choose

We’ve put together a handy guide that will help you to match up what you want for your kids with the activities that will really help them shine. We also have some quick facts on every class page so that you can tell exactly what skills your child will be developing at that class.

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Give them something to say

Whether it’s the awkward conversation between two love-struck teenagers, an application form for University or the last question in a job interview, no one wants to say “nothing” when they get asked what they like to do.

Make sure that your children have a little more than “I like watching the telly” to say when it comes to the crunch. Imagine how many dates, acceptance letters and job offers they could get if they were a “Gymnast who paints and speaks French”.

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“I'm a gymnast who paints and speaks French”

We’re like Fort Knox

A lot of people worry about security online. It’s only natural to be worried when you’re not sure about the technology or how to tell what is safe and what isn’t. Security online isn’t too different to any other kind of security: the more locks you use the safer you are.

At Class4Kids we lock everything twice, sometimes even three times. You’ll notice the security padlock, which usually appears only on payment pages, appears on every single page in our site. Everything is encrypted, which means no one else can read it.

Everything is encrypted

When we save any data, like registration forms, we encrypt the data again. That’s two locks. When we take payment information we really go all out and use a payment system that is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified, the highest possible security rating. We’re probably losing you on the technicalities here so just to get back to basics: we are very, very secure. You deserve it.

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