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Time for a change

If only there was another hour in the day! If only there were eight days in a week! It wouldn’t really matter, they would quickly be filled with all of the same time-draining admin jobs that you are already drowning in. It might sound ridiculous but if you never have a minute then the last thing you need is more time.

What you need is an assistant! Always on time, perfectly organised, does exactly what you need, keeps everything just right and lets you get on with coaching and teaching kids. If you’re really lucky you might even get some free time back as well. Now there is just the tricky matter of finding the right person, convincing them to take the job, finding their salary...

2 hours admin per day = 728 hours admin per year

Good news! We’re available! Class4Kids is delighted to become your new assistant. We’ll keep your schedule up to date, handle incoming bookings, do your marketing and promotional work, let parents know when plans have changed and regularly update you on how everything is going. We’ll even work every single hour of the week and charge you less than a toddlers pocket money. What do you say? Great! It’s a deal. We can start today.

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When I'm older I want to be in admin

According to some, very clever, very happy people, the secret to happiness is to find out what you love doing and then spend your life doing it.

You’re already well down this road, you found your talent, got great at it and now you’re teaching it to kids. Everything is perfect! Well … it would be perfect if it wasn’t for all of the form filling, box ticking, paperwork, emailing, phoning etc… if you could just do the teaching without the admin you might be the happiest person in the world. We like the sound of that so here is our promise:

Class4Kids will automate all of the admin tasks that drain your time and enthusiasm so that you can concentrate on doing what you love.

While you are busy teaching, Class4Kids will be managing your schedule, taking bookings, creating your registers and communicating with parents. The only thing we won’t be doing is making the tea.

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Have you tried restarting?

If your car is making a funny noise what do you do? Some people might get their overalls on and get stuck right in but we’re willing to bet that most of you would take it to the garage. Good idea. They’re good at fixing cars.

If you lose two hours work from a spreadsheet what do you do? Call an IT expert? Ask a passing eight year old? Unfortunately most people will try to channel their inner geek and fix it themselves. Bad idea. You’re probably going to end up in a very bad mood.

"HELP!! I’ve lost hours of work! My spreadsheet just went blank!"
"Don’t worry sir, we’ll send out a piano teacher."

Class4Kids is your new IT expert. We store your data, make sure that it is safe, backed-up, simple to manage and easy to access from anywhere. We'll even talk you through any issues that you have while using the system. You’re already an expert in one area so let us take care of your IT.

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Look how big you’re getting!

Close your eyes and imagine your business was ten times bigger. What do you see? Is it a thriving business with thousands of happy kids? Or is it an even bigger pile of paperwork and your phone ringing round-the-clock?

We can’t tell you how to conquer the world but we can make the day-to-day tasks easy and give you the tools to control your business.

Run your business from the jacuzzi

You’ll be like Alan Sugar: viewing reports that give you a clear picture of what is happening in your business, finding your best classes and running more of them, spotting the parents who are your biggest fans and getting them to spread the word on your behalf.

With the Class4Kids management tools, an hour spent with a coffee and an iPad will make you feel better than an hour in the Jacuzzi! Technically you could even run your business from the jacuzzi but we wouldn’t encourage it.

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There’s a stampede coming!

What’s that rumbling noise in the distance? It’s an army of kids charging towards your classes!

There are 12,000,000 kids in the UK. That’s twelve million. A whole lot of kids. So the only thing standing between you and full classes is finding some of those kids and showing them how great a time they could have.

If parents wore badges that said “I have an 8 year old girl who likes to dance and lives locally” it would be easy to find new pupils. Without the badges you have to get their attention through word-of-mouth, noticeboards, newspapers, flyers, radio, open-days and anything else you can dream up. Then you cross your fingers and hope that enough of the right people will see the adverts and come along to the class.

We find the parents in your area who are looking for classes

Class4Kids brings the perfect audience right to your door. We find the parents in your area who are looking for classes, even the ones who specifically want “dance classes for an 8 year old”. They see your beautiful web page and they can book your class right there and then. That’s even better than the badges!

When parents find us they find you. Luckily we’re best friends with Google, Twitter and Facebook so we have lots of parents coming to visit. We offer all sorts of great things for parents so they are joining up in droves. We can only stall them with small-talk and nibbles for so long though - we need you to get your club signed up and taking bookings quickly! Hurry, before we have to get the holiday photos out …

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You’ll need a bigger bank

Teaching kids and helping them to develop is a very rewarding profession but a warm feeling of inner-contentment isn’t often accepted as payment, most places still prefer credit cards . For a kids club to be truly successful it has to make money.

If you are successful it is good news for everyone. The better your business performs the more kids you will be able to teach and the longer you will be around to teach them. Making a profit should be just as high on your to-do list as making a difference.

Like every other business since the dawn of time, kids clubs make a profit by setting the right price and finding enough customers. If you keep your costs under control, charge the right price and have a nice long waiting list then you are in good shape to be profitable.

Registers will fill up in no time

Class4Kids will put you right in front of the right parents and kids and make it easy for them to book your classes. Registers will fill up in no time and you’ll be getting the best out of your current schedule.

When you’re ready to grow the business you can easily spot your most profitable classes and put more of them on. With the ability to handle the extra admin and run a team of staff there really is no reason to worry about growing your business and growing your profits.

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