Harrow Woodcraft Folk

A movement for children and young people, open to everyone from birth to adult. We offer a place where children will grow in confidence, learn about the world and start to understand how to value our planet and each other.

Harrow Woodcraft Folk operates currently with four groups. Woodchips group for pre-school aged children, Elfins aged 6-9, Pioneer's aged 10-12, Venturer's are aged 13-15 and the DF's are 16-21. Harrow Woodcraft Folk operates within the London Borough of Harrow.

Each group meets up for an average 1.5 hours a week. Each group works to a program that is produced by the leaders. All groups are mixed. All groups work towards the aims and principles of the Woodcraft Folk.

Harrow Woodcraft Folk meets weekly, enjoying a varied programme including games, drama, craftwork, singing and dancing, as well as following an educational programme based on our aims and principles. Hiking, hostelling, camping and other outdoor activities are also undertaken at weekends or during summer holidays.

Harrow Woodcraft Folk have group and district camp each year, participate in outdoor activities and trips for all groups including activities like hiking, swimming, ice skating, picnics and trips to London.

The Camping Season is from May-Oct. This is a major part of our organisation and the emphasis is on the children and young people to participate in camping. We camp for the weekend locally and also go further a field. We participate in national events such as International Camp every four years and this gives the young people a chance to meet people from all over the world.


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