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Picture surfing in your head - it's the swinging 60's. Golden California beaches, the sun's heat nicely complimented with some cooling ocean spray, with the Beach Boys faintly playing somewhere in the background...that must be the origin of surfing, right?

It's probably the most popular image of surfing but it has origins where you might not expect, being a big part of ancient Polynesian culture. George Freeth is commonly accepted as the father of modern surfing who had ties to Hawaii, and surely enough it eventually made it's way to California where it became the popular past-time it is today!

Did you know?

The biggest wave ever recorded was around 1738ft tall. Or in other words, 500ft taller than the Empire State Building. Let that one 'sink' in...

Suits kids who are…

  • Good in water
  • Determined
  • Inquisitive

3 reasons to get into Surfing

  • Surfing teaches kids to adapt

    In surfing, the conditions are always changing. From things like the weather, to the wind, to the tide, you never know what your kids are going to get. How good your kids can be depends entirely on how well they are able to adapt to their surroundings. If that idea sounds familiar, it's because it's applicable in everyday life too!

  • Surfing lets kids get close to nature

    Our lovely planet is mostly water and we spend most of our time on land, so it only makes sense to get out and see what the water holds. Your children will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued - although they might let out a squeal the first time they brush into a slimy fish!

  • Surfing lets your kids be alone and in a group at the same time

    Surfers are famous for their sense of community and a lot of the time will head out surfing together. Once your kids are in the water, they'll be with loads of their friends chatting and having fun. Once they hit that wave, they'll go into their own world and forget about everything happening around them - at that moment it's just them, their surfboard and the wave.

For a surfer, it's never-ending. There's always some wave you want to surf
Kelly Slater
The most successful surfer of all time

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