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Everyone loves snow - taking the kids out sledging in the snow is a yearly Christmas event for most parents! Luckily there happens to be skiing and snowboarding for when the kids can’t fit in their sleds anymore. Both are relatively new on the sport scene having only both made an appearance in the past 100 years, however they have become immensely popular in that time and they are now the flagship sports of the Winter Olympic Games.

Did you know?

Austria, Norway and Switzerland have the highest participation - at least 25% of their populations ski. Snow way! You can find slopes almost anywhere though, 80 countries offer some form of ski area.

Suits kids who are…

  • Energetic
  • Adventurous
  • Robust

3 reasons to get into Snowsports

  • Snowsports are a family affair.

    Age brings no advantage in snowsports, so if you and your children learn together you’ll be going through exactly the same experience. They’ll fall over a few times, and you’ll feel like laughing - but I would hold that thought, as most likely you’ll end up on your bum at some point too!

  • Snowsports give you all over exercise.

    From the top of their head to the tips of their toes, snowsports will use muscles all over your kids body. So they’ll be getting great exercise whilst having fun whizzing down the slopes!

  • Take the kids to see the world - and do snowsports whilst you’re at it!

    There are 80 countries in the world which have the option to do snowsports on real snow - you can make a holiday out of it, and the whole family can enjoy! If you fancy staying at home, there are plenty of dry ski slopes all over the UK.

The most important thing in skiing is to have fun. If you're having fun, then everything else will come easy to you.
Lindsay Vonn
World Cup ski racer

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