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Like a lot of popular sports today, golf has it’s roots in the good ol’ UK. The ancient origins of golf are debated but its modern incarnation originated in 15th century Scotland. British expats took the game of golf to British Colonies all over the world and the game spread.

Modern golfing had an interesting start, as it was banned on and off in it’s early years however after this troublesome start British expats took the game of golf to British Colonies all over the world. St Andrew’s Golf Course originally had 22 holes - some of the holes were deemed to short so they were combined to make 18. St Andrew’s was seen as the golfing capital, so all other courses followed their example and it remains this way to the present day.

Did you know?

Golf is absolutely out of this world! No really, it is. In 1971, an astronaut called Alan Shepard took a ball with him to the Moon. His spacesuit and thick gloves meant he could only use one hand to drive the ball, however as he put it himself the ball flew for ‘miles and miles.’ What a shot!

Suits kids who are…

  • Patient
  • Logical
  • Relaxed

3 reasons to get into Golf

  • Golf teaches kids important values

    Golf is famous for it’s etiquette and code of conduct. We’re not saying your kids are total terrors (only you know the answer to that!) but being in an environment which promotes and encourages good etiquette is really good for them. It is a very respectful, graceful sport, and having your kids around these values will serve them well throughout their life.

  • Golf is played in a scenic, safe environment

    Golf courses are vast open spaces, dedicated to golf. This means they’re entirely safe! Your kids will also get to enjoy the outdoors, get plenty of fresh air and do a fair bit of walking! They could also see some local wildlife: birds, fish, dinosaurs...well, maybe not dinosaurs, but two out of three isn’t bad!

  • Golfing lets your kids make friends with people from everywhere

    Men, women and children can all play fairly on the same course. It gives young players a chance to network with all sorts of different people, help them widen their social circle and make friends for life. They can enjoy some golf, too!

A kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave.
Jack Nicklaus
Golf's greatest ever player

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