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If you thought Western drama originated in Ancient Greece, then you’re right! Back in the day, Athens was an incredibly theatrical city and there were many Greek dramatists writing all sorts of shows. Later, the Roman Empire then expanded into Greek territories and Roman drama met Greek drama - imagine seeing a show in the Colosseum in it’s heyday!

Drama spread throughout all of Europe (we had some guy called Shakespeare...he was pretty good apparently) and became popular with people from all walks of life and today, drama is a big part of life for millions and millions of kids worldwide. You'd be forgiven for thinking that every child born was an expert in drama - some tantrums are worthy of an Oscar!

Did you know?

An ancient Greek actor by the name of Thespis is said to be the first person to appear on stage as a character, as opposed to appearing as himself. Name sound familiar It’s probably because his name is used as an alternative to the terms actor or actress...a Thespian!

Suits kids who are…

  • Versatile
  • Imaginative
  • Creative

3 reasons to get into Drama

  • Drama develops and nurtures creativity.

    Drama is all about acting as someone else and doing things that your kids themselves might not normally do. This encourages them to be creative and to think of things in new ways and from different perspectives.

  • Drama encourages childen to co-operate.

    In drama, co-operation is key - a perfomance will be make or break depending upon how well all the kids can work together. It’ll show them that working in a team is important and will be vital to their success and happiness in drama.

  • Drama develops communication skills.

    Your child will learn how to use everything to get across a message to an audience - from their face, to their voice, to their body movements. This is a great skill for them to learn in a fun environment and definitely something that will serve them well in later life!

Encouraging young people to believe in themselves and find their own voice whether it's through writing, drama or art is so important in giving young people a sense of self-worth.
Novelist Michael Morpurgo

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